Things are getting Phishy

Nigerian Princes, iTunes orders for She’s All That, and dead relatives you’ve never heard of who left you millions…  Yeah, right!

If you get an email that doesn’t seem right, chances are it’s what we like to call a “Phishing Scam.”  Using deception, a criminal is trying to get access to your electronic information.  And with the inter-connectivity of today’s technology, getting one password can often lead to wide-spread vulnerability.

Here at Proper Channel, our members believe in empowerment.  Don’t be a victim, fight back!  If you receive one of these scammy emails, don’t just delete it.  Report it to the proper authorities.  Like most processes, if you don’t know what to do, figuring it out can be more trouble than it’s worth.  In an effort to attack phishing head on, we’ve put together a how-to for reporting these crooks.

Give it a look.  If you know of a better way, go ahead and edit it.

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