The Power of Sharing – Mentors

I’m often overwhelmed by the support I receive from Domi Station.  Much more than “just a place to work,” each day Domi improves my chances of success.


One of the most impressive resources at Domi is the number of mentors that walk through the door.  Every day a local “master of the universe” walks in and offers their time, experience, and knowledge for free.  I simply have to show up.


What’s in it for them?


It is an opportunity for mentors to share passion, discovery, and progress, and to support a new idea. into a field you are invested in.  Additionally, there is the value in giving back to the community.  By investing a few hours a week, these mentors are ensuring our fledgling startup community will flourish.  This leads to more jobs, more resources circulating through our economy, and more successful entrepreneurs to keep the cycle going.

Proper Channel also believes in investing in our community.  In fact, our entire business depends on it.  We are providing a place for experts in all fields to share their secrets to help others navigate process.  If you have ever had to struggle through a process, once can now document the experience on our site, making it easier for the person behind you.  We know first-hand how hard it is to figure things out on our own, and we’re grateful for our community, our members, and our mentors who have decided to give back.


I want to share my gratitude to the many mentors who have helped me throughout my life, and encourage anyone and everyone to take full advantage of the opportunities around you.  Once you’ve made it, make sure you return the favor.  No one does it alone.


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