Ouch! – What to do if you’re hit by a Car in NY

While Will was an undergrad at FSU, he rode his bike all the time.  He would ride to class, to parties, and even to SCUBA dives.  He remembers the time well, and recalls he and a group of guys loved the freedom, exercise, and excitement of figuring out how to make cycling part of our lives.

Funny thing, he was the only one of about 15 guys who regularly rode that hadn’t been hit by a car.  Most collisions were minor, but some were not.  It’s just basic physics.  If a bike and a car do end up hitting each other, the bike is going to lose.  Sometimes they lose big time.

A recent article in the Gothamist talked about what you should do if you do find yourself bumping a bumper in NYC.  Being such a fan of cycling, Will decided to help the community and apply these steps to a flowchart.  NYC has around 900 incidents a month, and because this number is so high, they require drivers to carry a no-fault policy for pedestrians.  That means it doesn’t matter who caused the collision, the driver’s insurance will pay for the damages.


Many of these steps will be the same for your state or city.  If you want to use this flowchart as a template, just use our clone button:


Safe riding!

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