Visualizing Grammar

Flowcharts are well known for their efficiency at capturing process knowledge.  What most people don’t realize is that just about everything can be seen as a process: even grammar.

We all make mistakes.  And when we’re bombarded with those mistakes in our daily conversations, it’s easy to confuse correct and incorrect.  Proper Channel has come to the rescue.  Here are four charts to help you navigate the correct use of common grammar mistakes:



The nice things about flowcharts, is they allow you to quickly navigate to the right answer fast.  Compare our guides with the thousand+ word guides in text form.  We want to make finding life’s answers easier.  To us, faster is easier.

Know other common grammar mistakes?  Create your own flowchart.

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Whether you call it a statistical anomaly or the Universe telling Will it’s time he gets a dog, something is going on.  Over the last 4 months, our CEO has rescued 4 separate lost dogs!

Now officially a pro at what to do with lost dogs, he has captured his knowledge for the rest of us.  Flowcharts are great for storing that information you use infrequently.  With the visual layout, you can quickly navigate to the step you’ve forgotten.  And with Proper Channel’s detail popup feature, a wealth of information is just a click away.  Now I have the correct numbers, addresses, and office hours all at my fingertips; even a handy graphic to help me understand dog body language.

Having an easily navigable, curated, single source of information saves time, energy, and frustration.  Plus, by making things easy, and telling people the best way to handle unfamiliar situations, more people will do what they’re supposed to.  Help save a lost dog’s life.  Get it to a safe place, and get it to where the owner will find it.

Do you wish people knew how to do something better?  Do you find yourself answering the same question over and over?  Do yourself and the community a favor, and document it.  Making visual instructionals is easy with Proper Channel.  Go ahead and give it a try. 

Things are getting Phishy

Nigerian Princes, iTunes orders for She’s All That, and dead relatives you’ve never heard of who left you millions…  Yeah, right!

If you get an email that doesn’t seem right, chances are it’s what we like to call a “Phishing Scam.”  Using deception, a criminal is trying to get access to your electronic information.  And with the inter-connectivity of today’s technology, getting one password can often lead to wide-spread vulnerability.

Here at Proper Channel, our members believe in empowerment.  Don’t be a victim, fight back!  If you receive one of these scammy emails, don’t just delete it.  Report it to the proper authorities.  Like most processes, if you don’t know what to do, figuring it out can be more trouble than it’s worth.  In an effort to attack phishing head on, we’ve put together a how-to for reporting these crooks.

Give it a look.  If you know of a better way, go ahead and edit it.

Fight Comcast Like a Pro

Almost everyone has a terrible customer service story, and for the majority of us, Comcast is the person who put us through it.  With some of the worst customer service ratings possible, it’s easy to find stories of recorded lies, fabricated bills, customer service hangups, and over 4 hour call times.

Unfortunately, a single consumer just doesn’t carry much weight.  No matter how hard you hit, Comcast knows your account isn’t going to single-handily hurt their balance sheet.  They also know that with limited competition, you’re likely not going to cancel your account in the first place.

Well folks, Proper Channel has crowdsourced some of the best information available.  Cue the montage, because we’re going to teach you how to hit like a heavyweight.

Link to Chart:


National Library Card Sign-Up Month – William McCluskey

Proper Channel believes that the sharing of knowledge makes better communities.  Few places work harder to help their communities grow than public libraries.  September is National Library Card Sign-Up Month, and we want to help.  We already have Boston, Tallahassee, and Philadelphia’s processes mapped, but would love more.  If you know how to get a library card in your city, please create a flowchart and share it with you local library!

(You can also use our “clone” tool to copy a chart for a similar process)

Bureaucracy Around the World – William McCluskey

Bureaucracy is just a word we use to describe poorly communicated process.  Many times the problem isn’t the process, but the lack of support offered by the company who owns the process.  Lots of times process becomes bureaucracy when scale overwhelms the system.

For example, let’s look at developing nations.  In a span of less than 20 years, a region can go from no power electricity to sophisticated online-payments.  Static documents just can’t keep up!  This is where Proper Channel comes in.  We allow people to share their knowledge turning your customers into your content generators.  When you treat your customer like a partner, great things can happen.

Bureaucracy around the world

Crowd-sourced Traffic Mapping – Danny Kramer

Shout-out to one of our awesome counterparts in the field of simplification. Waze is a great tool for dealing with traffic by getting live feedback for other people dealing with it as well. While our flowcharts can be used for simplifying processes before they are begun, this app–owned by Google but operated independently–is super useful for on-the-go decision and real-time planning when it comes to stress-reduced driving.

Mayday PAC – Danny Kramer

The Mayday PAC has two key features that we at Proper Channel also value: Collaboration and Crowd-sourcing. This group, aiming to get big money out of politics, was developed by leading thinkers on both sides of the aisle. Mayday’s emphasis on collecting individual donations and considering public suggestions submitted online will hopefully help make Lawrence Lessig’s vision of a “people’s SuperPAC” become a reality.