Junior’s Roasted Coffee

Junior’s Roasted Coffee – Bringing quality and education to the Tallahassee Coffee Community

When we know better, we do better.  Boy does that one resonate with us at Proper Channel.  No matter what you’re doing, learning, or attempting, you always have to start somewhere.  And as a beginner, of course you’re going to make mistakes.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had an expert guiding your path?  That’s what Proper Channel is trying to do.  By creating a visual-wiki, we allow the experts of today to guide the actions of tomorrow.

Two of those experts are Caryn and Mike Nelson.  They are the owners of Junior’s Roasted Coffee; a coffee education and micro-roasting business that recently opened in Tallahassee.  

Mike and Caryn decided to open Junior’s to share their passion and knowledge about high-quality coffee with the Tallahassee area.  Not only do they offer small-batch, whole-bean, high-quality coffee by order, but they also hold educational sessions.  In these classes, you can learn all about the complexity of the thousands of combinations of climate, storing, roasting, brewing and other factors that affect the quality of your coffee on your bean’s journey from seed to table.

Their goal is to use education to help people better enjoy their shared passion.  And Proper Channel is proud to have such bright, talented, and dedicated people as content partners.

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Junior’s Roasted Coffee, owned by Mike and Caryn Nelson, bring high quality, fresh, roasted, whole-bean coffee to the Tallahassee community.  If you’re interested in sampling their coffee, their current offering is Ethiopia Guji Akrabi, and can be bought through their website.