Vote Today

During the last Presidential election, some Florida polling locations saw record lines.  There were horror stories of 9 hour lines.  Some even denied voters to restrooms.

To help reduce demand, the state is allowing early voting.  Simply show up ready to vote during open hours, and you’re set.

We have a Leon County specific flowchart with a link to a map of the polling locations, and a generic flowchart for the rest of the state.

If you want to make a specific flowchart for your county, city, or polling location, simply use the Clone button:

Let your voice be heard!


How to Handle Ebola

The Ebola outbreak is getting lots of press.  News agencies and citizen groups are screaming for action, but disease and medical professionals are urging caution.  The truth is, Ebola is extremely rare in the US, and it’s relatively hard to catch.  That said, there have been confirmed Ebola cases, and hospitals need to be aware of how to identify and properly treat emergency room patients with suspected infections.

Proper Channel has come to the rescue.  Based on information from the CDC and Department of Health, we have built a flowchart for medical professionals to help know how to treat, test, and report suspected Ebola patients.  Remember, all charts are editable.  If you’re a medical professional, and see that we’ve left something out, please correct it!

Remember, click on shapes for additional information.