Our CEO was Nominated!

The Dandi Awards recognize entrepreneurs who are trying to make a difference.  With 6 categories, Dandi recognizes the spectrum of talents and personalities entrepreneurs have and use to give back to their communities.  The name Dandi comes from the theme of the dandelion.  Chosen for it’s ability to take root in uncommon environments, and it’s ability to find that small opening then spread… like wildflowers.

Let’s hope Will can make Proper Channel bloom.

Dandi Awards

Descriptions of Categories (Will is nominated for the Renegade category)

National Library Card Sign-Up Month – William McCluskey

Proper Channel believes that the sharing of knowledge makes better communities.  Few places work harder to help their communities grow than public libraries.  September is National Library Card Sign-Up Month, and we want to help.  We already have Boston, Tallahassee, and Philadelphia’s processes mapped, but would love more.  If you know how to get a library card in your city, please create a flowchart and share it with you local library!

(You can also use our “clone” tool to copy a chart for a similar process)