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The Weekly Proper

Give ‘em a book, they’re not gonna look


Last Thursday, Proper Channel competed in Leon County Research & Development Authority’s Elevator Pitch Night and took first place! Our CEO William McCluskey delivered a pitch to the judges and walked away with a $15,000 Tech Development grant. Proper Channel is excited to implement these funds and take the next steps in growing and spreading our tool.

Revolution by Evolution

Autonomous cars are expected to become completely mainstream by the year 2025. Google plans on rolling out its self-driving car prototype on public roads this summer, with other companies like Tesla and Mercedes developing autonomous vehicles as well. Google is taking a “revolution by evolution” approach, following the scientific method of testing, evaluating, improving, and testing again. In the past few years, Google’s self driving cars have logged nearly a million miles and gotten in 11 minor accidents- all caused by humans, not the robotic pilots. The “revolution” part comes with Google’s plan to roll out a completely autonomous car by 2020, as opposed to other auto companies that favor a hybrid approach that allows for human backup. If it works as Google intends, it will save millions of lives, help the environment, and reshape the economy.

The day when you can hop in your car, take a nap, and arrive at your destination is coming soon- in the meantime you can start saving for your self-driving machine by ditching your current car. It is now more economical to use a ride-sharing service if you live in a city or drive less than 10,000 miles per year. Cars are driven an average of 4% a year, but the average cost of car ownership is $9,000. Here’s a chart that’ll get you on your way to going carless.

Genius, Censored

Kanye West was censored for a full minute of his performance at the Billboard Music Awards Sunday night. A lot of what was censored was not profane, and that coupled with the glaring pyrotechnics made for a very disjointed performance. In Billboard’s defense, Kanye did not do a dress rehearsal before the show- “It’s Kanye. What are we supposed to do?” commented one Billboard source on the lack of preparation. West released a statement calling the censorship “unwarranted” and apologizing to television viewers for the misrepresentation of his performance.

If you’re interested in why this dynamic personality has censors so jumpy, we’ve put together a chart for delving into the experimental genius of Kanye West.

Featured User: Jamie Graves

Our featured user this week is the creator of the fashion blog Mirror, Mirror, Jamie Graves! Read our interview with her below.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog.

I’m studying to be a PR manager, so to me image is everything, which explains my love of makeup and fashion. My blog is really just a compilation of my own experiences with makeup; things that work, things that don’t, and my current obsessions with certain products or styles. You can see my own personal style when reading my blog.

What made you want to start a blog?

Since high school people have been asking me “how do you do this?” or “what do you use for that?” so I just thought it was time to share all my little tricks and tips with everyone. I also love expressing my personality through designing the site.

Why’d you decide to incorporate Proper Channel into your blog?

Flowcharts are so easy to understand and follow, and the fact that I can fit an entire post into one chart simplifies the tutorial and organizes all the information really nicely. Plus, it’s very cathartic to make flowcharts.
Jamie’s flowcharts can be found here and her blog can be found here.

Common Core, Wal-Mart, Mad Men & More

The Weekly Proper

Give ‘em a book, they’re not gonna look

Common Core Horrors

Standardized testing has never been popular, but nervous schoolchildren are no longer the only ones standing in opposition. The movement to opt-out of stressful, superflous, acronym-soup exams is gaining traction. John Oliver covered the issue in his “Last Week Tonight” monologue. Pearson controls 40 percent of the standardized test market, and Oliver likened the company to “the educational equivalent of Time Warner Cable.”

The direction educational policymakers will take to alleviate these concerns is still unclear, but parents can choose to have their children opt-out of the exams to focus on actual graded schoolwork. Roughly 46,000 students in New Jersey have chosen to forgo taking their standardized exams. If you’d like your student to join them, the process is a simple one.

Plants Die, Pools Dry, Wal-Mart Profits

While the state of California combats drought and water restrictions, one national retailer appears less concerned about the arid conditions. On the heels of Starbucks moving its bottling out of CA, it was revealed that Wal-Mart has been bottling from the Sacramento Municipal Water Supply. Wal-Mart spends approximately $1 on 748 gallons, and turns that into a $650 profit for every dollar spent.

The average family in Sacramento uses 417 gallons a day, and water-use cuts are reaching highs of 36% in some areas. There has been an immediate call for Wal-Mart to move their bottling facility like Starbucks did. To find out where your bottled is sourced, check out this chart.

FSU Summer Session Kicks Off

Summer classes at FSU began this week. Some students are returning to complete their summer semester requirement, but for many, this was their first week of college. Settling into any new place can be challenging, and doing it for the very first time makes that challenge exponential. Fortunately, Proper Channel is here to provide concise, helpful charts that’ll have you thinking of Tally as a second home in no time.

Looking for cheap eats? There’s a chart for that.

What about something to wash that down with? There’s a chart for that.

Spent too much on food & drink, and need to save on textbooks? There’s a chart for that.

Can’t find cheap textbooks, so you’ve decided to drop the class? There’s a chart for that.

As you can see, we take the motto “flowcharts for everything” pretty seriously.

Welcome to FSU, and the next chapter of your lives. We hope during your time here you find Proper Channel a helpful resource, and help our community grow in turn.

Mad Men: The Past and The Future

When Mad Men first aired 7 years ago, it changed the landscape of cable television, introducing well-produced, scripted dramas like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead into the fold. But despite looking back to the past of advertising, Mad Men also provided a shape for the future of advertising. Content marketing has always been important, but Mad Men was a reminder of just how vital an emotional an appeal can be. Scenes like Don Draper’s Carousel pitch gave advertisers something to aspire to. The show also mainstreamed the advertising industry and gave consumers a different perspective on the creation of ads. It made the industry “sexy,” and gave young, innovative minds a new field to look to for exercising creativity.

Mad Men comes to an end Sunday, but the world of advertising lives on. We can only hope the same quality found in Mad Men continues to pervade the worlds of television on advertising for some time to come. If you’ve been inspired by the works of Don Draper or Peggy Olson and are looking to create convincing content, check out these helpful charts on social media, and more specifically, Twitter.

New to Tallahassee?

We here at Proper Channel understand how much of a hassle it could be when moving to a new city, state, or even country. After all that work put into finding the perfect place to live, the ideal workplace, and the best eatery’s, the next thing to do is find out where all the fun resides!

Proper Channel is a great resource in aiding your search for entertainment. We have easy-to-follow flowcharts showing you places to go for drinks (even cheap drinks), food (cheap food too), and just a wide range of things to do in your spare time. The best part about our charts is that they are editable for you to include anything else that you may know.

Ready to get out there and find fun things to do?! The next step is to register here. Then begin your search to becoming an active resident in Tallahassee.

blog 2

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Junior’s Roasted Coffee

Junior’s Roasted Coffee – Bringing quality and education to the Tallahassee Coffee Community

When we know better, we do better.  Boy does that one resonate with us at Proper Channel.  No matter what you’re doing, learning, or attempting, you always have to start somewhere.  And as a beginner, of course you’re going to make mistakes.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had an expert guiding your path?  That’s what Proper Channel is trying to do.  By creating a visual-wiki, we allow the experts of today to guide the actions of tomorrow.

Two of those experts are Caryn and Mike Nelson.  They are the owners of Junior’s Roasted Coffee; a coffee education and micro-roasting business that recently opened in Tallahassee.  

Mike and Caryn decided to open Junior’s to share their passion and knowledge about high-quality coffee with the Tallahassee area.  Not only do they offer small-batch, whole-bean, high-quality coffee by order, but they also hold educational sessions.  In these classes, you can learn all about the complexity of the thousands of combinations of climate, storing, roasting, brewing and other factors that affect the quality of your coffee on your bean’s journey from seed to table.

Their goal is to use education to help people better enjoy their shared passion.  And Proper Channel is proud to have such bright, talented, and dedicated people as content partners.

Check out their first flowchart with us: How to Make Chemex at Home

Junior’s Roasted Coffee, owned by Mike and Caryn Nelson, bring high quality, fresh, roasted, whole-bean coffee to the Tallahassee community.  If you’re interested in sampling their coffee, their current offering is Ethiopia Guji Akrabi, and can be bought through their website.

Proper Channel CEO on Tallahassee Talks

On October 25th, William McCluskey, our CEO joined Jim Stevenson and Michelle Rehwinkle-Vasilinda on Brien Sorne’s Tallahassee Talks  radio show.  Bien is a major figure in the community, and believes in people helping each other.  When he learned about Proper Channel, he wanted to help share his spotlight on our startup.  If you’re not familiar with Tallahassee Talks, it is a wonderful, positive show that highlights the best of Tallahassee.

Check out the show on the Tallahassee Talks archive page.  William’s segment starts at 51:58.

No Excuses: Get out and Vote

Voting is how you contribute to the direction of the country.  We all get busy.  We all have obligations, but please, get out and vote.

What do you need to vote?  Well, we’ve put all the information you need in one location.  Find out if you’re registered, where you can vote, and what you need to bring with you to cast your ballot with our Vote in the USA flowchart.

Click on shapes for additional information.

Vote Today

During the last Presidential election, some Florida polling locations saw record lines.  There were horror stories of 9 hour lines.  Some even denied voters to restrooms.

To help reduce demand, the state is allowing early voting.  Simply show up ready to vote during open hours, and you’re set.

We have a Leon County specific flowchart with a link to a map of the polling locations, and a generic flowchart for the rest of the state.

If you want to make a specific flowchart for your county, city, or polling location, simply use the Clone button:

Let your voice be heard!


How to Handle Ebola

The Ebola outbreak is getting lots of press.  News agencies and citizen groups are screaming for action, but disease and medical professionals are urging caution.  The truth is, Ebola is extremely rare in the US, and it’s relatively hard to catch.  That said, there have been confirmed Ebola cases, and hospitals need to be aware of how to identify and properly treat emergency room patients with suspected infections.

Proper Channel has come to the rescue.  Based on information from the CDC and Department of Health, we have built a flowchart for medical professionals to help know how to treat, test, and report suspected Ebola patients.  Remember, all charts are editable.  If you’re a medical professional, and see that we’ve left something out, please correct it!

Remember, click on shapes for additional information.

Ouch! – What to do if you’re hit by a Car in NY

While Will was an undergrad at FSU, he rode his bike all the time.  He would ride to class, to parties, and even to SCUBA dives.  He remembers the time well, and recalls he and a group of guys loved the freedom, exercise, and excitement of figuring out how to make cycling part of our lives.

Funny thing, he was the only one of about 15 guys who regularly rode that hadn’t been hit by a car.  Most collisions were minor, but some were not.  It’s just basic physics.  If a bike and a car do end up hitting each other, the bike is going to lose.  Sometimes they lose big time.

A recent article in the Gothamist talked about what you should do if you do find yourself bumping a bumper in NYC.  Being such a fan of cycling, Will decided to help the community and apply these steps to a flowchart.  NYC has around 900 incidents a month, and because this number is so high, they require drivers to carry a no-fault policy for pedestrians.  That means it doesn’t matter who caused the collision, the driver’s insurance will pay for the damages.

Many of these steps will be the same for your state or city.  If you want to use this flowchart as a template, just use our clone button:


Safe riding!

-Proper Channel